Drug Testing Consent Form-2018-19
This form is to be completed by the parent or guardian for any student in grades 7-12 that participate in athletics, possess a WHS parking pass, or appear on a roster of a club or organization that does not receive credit towards graduation. Failure to complete this in a timely fashion will disqualify the student from any of the above listed items.
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I understand and agree that participation in athletic activities, utilizing a parking pass and membership in a club or organization is a privilege that may be altered for violations of the Westlake City Schools Drug Testing Policy.
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I have read the Westlake City Schools Drug Testing Policy and thoroughly understand the program.
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I understand that when I participate in any program covered I will be subject to the WCSD random drug testing program, and if I refuse, I understand this will affect my ability to participate in that activity.
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I understand this agreement is binding while I am student in the Westlake City Schools for Fall of 2018.
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As a parent or guardian, I have read the Westlake City Schools Random Drug Testing Policy and understand that the aim is to promote healthy lifestyles for as many Westlake City School students as possible. I understand that my student will be subject to the random drug testing policy while participating in any covered activity. I have read the informed consent agreement and reviewed with my student and agree to the terms. I understand this agreement is binding while my student remains in the Westlake City School District.
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