Getting Blind With Crafty: PoO Championship 2019
For Good Beer Week 2019, we're combining our Getting Blind With Crafty blind tastings with Pint of Origin for the first time in an epic global IPA face-off.

And we want you to help us pick the 16 beers that will go head-to-head in battle to find the #PoO19 champion. Simply pick the THREE beers from each PoO venue you'd most like to see represented on the event on May 17.

NB The list below doesn't feature every IPA from each state or region, but those from breweries who'll be featured at those venues in Good Beer Week and that are available in can or bottle. And, yes, we're allowing all manner of IPAs into the mix. There's also a chance we won't be able to source some of them, but we'll work through the most popular choices til we hit one we can!

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