Survivor Portrait submissions
Please complete each section to the best of your ability.

This open call is only for portrait paintings. Your creative interpretation of a portrait is welcome, whether abstract or figurative.

You can submit examples of work that you created at any time during your artistic career.

Please remember that the Survivors will be a part of the selection committee so it's important to submit work and ideas that you think they will like.

Each painter who is selected will be required to sign a contract for the work and submit invoices for the fee (one invoice for the 70% at the start of the project and one for the remaining balance once the portrait is delivered to Aboriginal Music Manitoba Inc. in Winnipeg).

Aboriginal Music Manitoba Inc. will pay for the packaging and shipping cost for each original painted portrait.

Feel free to send any questions to Alan Greyeyes (
Painter's first and last name *
Painter's home *
Please provide the painter's full mailing address, including street name/street name or PO Box, city/town/community, and postal code.
Painter's ancestry *
Does the painter (you or your client) identify as Inuit, First Nation, or Métis?
Fee *
The fee paid to each painter who is selected and contracted for this project will be $2,500 (inclusive of supplies, materials, and studio space).
Portait *
You will need to paint a portrait of a photograph that the Survivor approves.
Size *
The painted portraits must be 36 inches wide and 48 inches tall.
Contact person's name (if different than the painter/client)
Cell number *
Please give us the cell phone number of the person we should contact if you or your client is selected.
Email *
Please give us the email of the person we should contact if you or your client is selected.
Short bio *
Please tell us about yourself and your art (or your client and their art). Please be sure to include things that you think the Survivors will want to know.
Your work *
Please provide a DropBox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, or website link to examples of your portraiture work or your client's portraiture work that we can show the Survivors.
Your ideas *
Please let us know how you or your client plan to approach the portrait (style, colours, etc) and where you or your client will be completing the project.
Time to complete *
Please tell us how long it will take you or your client to complete the portrait.
Additional information
Optional || Feel free to provide any other information that you think the Survivors will want to know.
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