Sunday Fellowship Team Interest
We are excited about working with you to host Sunday Fellowship on campus this year! We really couldn't do it without your support and contribution! There are all kinds of ways to serve at Sunday Fellowship, from making people feel welcome to behind the scenes magic. Please indicate your interest in each of the teams below!
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Worship Team
This is the team that leads us in worshiping God through song! Because this team is responsible for leading us in worship, there are some spiritual qualifications that will be reviewed with you before joining the team. If you check the box below, someone will reach out to you to discuss
MC/Announcements Team
Do you like making cheesy jokes, performing 3-star rated skits, or pretending to be a local news anchor? This team is for you! The MC and announcements team is the friendly face that welcomes people to our gathering and is critical to informing SCL about the general goings-ons and keeping things moving. Training will be provided.
Doughnut (Donut?) Team
The doghnut/donut team is responsible for picking up doghnuts/donuts (night before) and coffee (morning of) for service! Without these valiant heroes, we have neither sugar nor caffeine to fuel our morning. If you want to fuel SCL, click below! (Helpful if you have a car)
Slides Team
The slides team runs the show - the *slide*show! This role is responsible for showing us the words to sing, announcement visuals, and scripture / teaching notes. These guys are the real ninjas of worship service!
Do you think kids are awesome? This team is for you! By serving in this role you get to (1) love on the kiddos of SCL (age 1 - 7 yrs), (2) teach a short Bible story, and (3) serve the moms and dads of our church so they can be in church, too! You won't be alone, there will always be 2 volunteers leading SCL Jr.
Setup  and Teardown
No, as Christians we do not want to be in the business of tearing people down. There is some equipment that needs tearing down after our meeting and setting up before hand. It also needs to be brought to and back from campus.
Teaching Team
The teaching team is for those who want dig into the Scriptures and bring what is on God's heart to people's hearts and minds on Sunday. Teaching team members might be the ones bringing it on Sunday, or they might be helping whoever is bringing it to prepare.
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