Church Planning Questions
Grand Ave UMC & First UMC
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1. In terms of your spiritual growth, which aspect of church life was the most helpful prior to the pandemic?
2. In terms of your spiritual growth, which aspect of church life do you anticipate will be most helpful going forward?
3. How has the difficulty of the pandemic affected your well-being?
4. Which aspects of church life would you prefer to participate in online going forward?
5. The last 12 months have helped me realize the personal importance of these aspects of church life…
6. What are your plans for engaging in kids and student ministry in-person?
7. What is your plan for worship attendance going forward?
8. Has re-entry back to “no restrictions” impacted your engagement with our church?
9. What are the opportunities we have to serve each other, our surrounding community, and the world in the coming months?
10. How will your future financial giving to the church compare to your pre-pandemic giving level?
11. How much do you anticipate our church will need to adapt its methods to be effective in the future?
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