Central Church Philadelphia Missions 2019
We will be working with Vocatio Career Preparatory School and 8th Street Community Church in Hungting Park, PA to help the leaders share the gospel in the neighborhood. Hunting Park, PA is a neighborhood in North Philadelphia where many of their residents live without wealth and education. Vocatio started in 2014 as a summer program where children of various age from the neighborhood could learn skills to prepare them for adulthood. Over the last year, Vocatio expanded from a summer program to a school which provides more long-term and permanent opportunities for kids in the neighborhood. We will be serving with Pastor Andy Kim of 8th Street Community Church, who is affiliated with Vocatio.


Vocatio Mission Statement: "To provide a Christ-centered, high quality, comprehensive academic and vocational program that will place young men and women into a post-secondary educational institution or onto a successful career path.."

8th Street Community Church Mission Statement: "To serve the Lord by addressing the needs of our North Philly, Hunting Park neighbors with the gospel of Jesus Christ."

As brothers and sisters in Christ outside of the Hunting Park Community, our primary goal during this summer missions trip will be to empower Vocatio Career Prep School in their various needs, thereby giving Pastor Andy and other leaders of the organization better opportunity to reach out to the community with the good news of the gospel. Some of our tasks will include:
- Providing help for the teachers in the summer classes.
- Advertising the school to the community.
- Helping in various initiatives to better the community (i.e. construction of a community library)
- Encouraging the leaders of the organization and the church, so that they can continue to share the gospel in the community
- Last but not least, sharing the gospel with the members of the community

Dates: June 30 - July 7, 2019 (tentative, subject to change)
Team size: 8-12
Approximate support to be fundraised per team member: $300 (estimate, subject to change)

Application Deadline: February 28, 2018
*Applicants must be members of Central Church in good standing.
** You must be in Pittsburgh for training during the month of June. Please contact Brian if you have any concerns about the training.

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Jeon (bjjeon5111@gmail.com)

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