FYSP Mentor Application - First Time Applicant
DUE BY FEBRUARY 2, 2018 at 5:00 PM.

After February 2, 2018 you will receive an email from Lauren Speerhas, FYSP Coordinator to schedule your interview between February 5th-21st, 2018.

The course is designed to support student learning and development in the critical first semester of college. The objective of FYSP is to acclimate students into the academic and social environments of RMU, and to strengthen skills, competencies, and motivations that have the potential to increase opportunities for success. FYSP will also serve as a starting point for major and career exploration.

To be an FYSP Mentor, you are responsible for the following:

:: Complete this application and email your resume in PDF format to speerhas@rmu.edu
:: Submit two letters of recommendation to speerhas@rmu.edu (one must be from faculty at RMU)
:: A separate recommendation from your FYSP Mentor is optional, but encouraged
:: Maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA
:: Be in good academic and judicial standing with Robert Morris University
:: Be willing to present weekly to a group of first-year students
:: Must have passed FYSP1000 with an A grade (does not apply to transfer students)
:: Must be at least a second-semester student at RMU
:: First time applicants cannot have both the Mentor position and be a first time Community Advisor (CA)

:: Serve as one of the main resources for first-year students during the transition to and through Robert Morris University
:: Encourage the use of the Colonial Guide - College Simplified application
:: Become a role model for all students
:: Co-instruct the FYSP1000 course for first-year students
:: Represent RMU in a positive manner
:: Encourage first-year students to get involved within the RMU community
:: Encourage first-year students to succeed academically
:: Provide first-year students with the opportunity to connect to RMU and each other

Compensation and Benefits:
:: 1-credit ORGL1000 course (DO NOT register for this course. The FYSP Coordinator will register you AFTER you have been selected as a Mentor.)
:: College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Mentor certification
:: Stipend based on level of certification
:: Fulfills leadership category for the Student Engagement Transcript (SET)
:: Development of leadership, public speaking, and presentation skills
:: Campus integration and networking opportunities

Questions? Contact Lauren Speerhas in the Center for Student Success at speerhas@rmu.edu or 412-397-6869

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