Youth Survey - 2018 Muskoka Pride Festival
Thank you for taking the time to help us.

Muskoka Pride is committed to holding a youth event during the 2018 Muskoka Pride Festival.
It is currently scheduled for Friday, July 27th.

We need your help to determine what the event will be, where it will be located, and the details. This survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday May 23rd at 4PM.

What is your age?
What community do you live in?
What sort of event for Youth would you like to see during the Muskoka Pride Festival? (for example: a dance, coffee house, movie night, board games/hang out social, etc) *
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What barriers or obstacles do you have in attending a Pride Youth event? (for example: not out to parents, distance to drive there, etc) And how can Muskoka Pride help facilitate your participation?
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What community would you be able to get to for the Youth event? (ie, how far are you able/willing to travel?)
Would you like to help plan the Youth event? *
If yes, please include an email address that we can contact you with...
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Do you have any other suggestions for ways that Muskoka Pride Festival events can appeal more to youth?
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