Spring 2020 Scratch + Hardware for beginner registration
Course date: 2/23 to 5/17 12 lessons (no class at 4/12) $30 per lesson special early registration club member price, $45 for hardware package, total $405, $35 per lesson for the nonclub member or register after 2/22/2019
Course time: 4:50 pm to 5:50 pm
Course Address: 140 Jericho Turnpike, Syosset, NY 11791 (inside Premier plus arts & science center)
* we reserve the right to cancel this course if it did not reach the minimum number of students (6 students)

课程日期:2/23/2019至 5/17/2019 12节课
每课30美元特别提前注册俱乐部会员价格(4月12日无课),非俱乐部会员或2 /22之后注册每课35美元
课程时间:下午4:50 至下午5:50
课程地址:140 Jericho Turnpike,Syosset,NY 11791(在Premier和艺术与科学中心内)
This course will start at 6 seats (class start date is open, will start when we reach a minimum of 6 students), and close when it reaches 12 seats. Please send tuition through the Chase Quickpay (or other major bank use Zelle transfer service) $405 to youthinnolab@gmail.com (name "Song Peng"), the seat will only be kept after receive the full tuition payment. $360 is the tuition, $45 for hardware package, the total will be $405. Please add notes in transfer include student name and course name 本课程将从6个座位开始,当它达到12个座位时关闭。 请通过Chase Quickpay(或其他主要银行使用Zelle转机服务)405美元(360美元学费 + 45美元硬件材料)发送学费到youthinnolab@gmail.com,座位只有在收到全额学费后才能保留。 请在付款中添加备注,包括学生姓名和课程名称
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