Gaba Corporation schedule submission problems
Historically Gaba has almost always approved schedules from instructors. In recent months it is increasing controls over the schedules that instructors can submit.

The company now wants instructors to submit schedules on the 1st of the previous month or they may be refused. This reduces flexibility substantially as it means we as instructors must now always plan two months in advance.

The General Union will be taking this up with Gaba. Before we do so, we would like to know about the experience of instructors so far:

Do you like the recent changes to the scheduling system?
Do you like to submit your schedule on the first of the previous month?
Has this change limited your flexibility?
Does the new system limit instructor availability for clients?
Have you had lesson slots not be approved, disappear or be closed without warning?
Have you had Gaba staff (ISL or other) ask you to remove lessons?
Has Gaba Corporation communicated clearly and honestly about the schedule changes?
Do you have any additional comments?
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