Lionshare Volunteer Application (Blackhats)
Thank you for your interest in our new show. We're nearing the end of our rehearsal process and actively looking for volunteers (called Blackhats) for the run of the show. This is a unique and inexpensive way to fully experience the show, and it's possible for you to actually sing along in the final scene as well!

Please fill out this form to be considered as a Blackhat for Lionshare. We will be prioritizing those who are available for most/all of the run. Due to the complexity of the show, it's difficult to accommodate those who have very limited availability.

Show dates are January 22nd - February 3rd (dark Monday, January 28th)
Volunteer Shifts are 6:00 PM - 10:30PM

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What dates are you available? Check all that apply. Calltime is 6:00 pm, and you will be wrapped by 10:30PM. *
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Here are the required duties of our volunteers. Stagehands will be required to stand at their assigned post for around 90 minutes during show. Additionally, they will be expected to discreetly and politely ask patrons to be quiet and put phones away if the situation arises. Pre and post show duties include sweeping, taking out the trash, and general show reset. Do you feel that you can attend to all of these duties? *
This isn't required for volunteering, but it's possible for our show volunteers (Blackhats) to sing at one point in the show... so... do you sing? *
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