Student Survey 2018
Survey of Students 2018
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The student behaviour policy is fair and reasonable.
The teachers are committed and enthusiastic in their approach.
Our school is caring.
Our school is well managed.
The teachers are approachable.
The Teacher Assistants and Homeroom teachers are approachable.
Our school has high standards of student behaviour.
There is effective Educational Leadership in the different sections of the school.
There are many social events for me to take part in at our school.
Our school has a safe secure environment.
Edupage is a great way to communicate quickly.
I have plenty of time to complete my work in class.
I do my homework during prep times.
I am given too much work to complete in class.
Most of the work I do is easy for me.
I understand what the teachers teach me in class
I find my teacher easy to understand.
The work presented in class is well organised
Teachers expect a high standard of work in our school.
I am encouraged to improve.
I am usually challenged by my class work.
I am treated fairly at school.
I am given help when I am in trouble or don't understand.
I am bullied by others
My teachers" inspire me.
My teachers' care about me.
The teachers always give me feedback on my work
My work is always checked.
My teachers give comments on how to improve my work.
I know my standard and what I have to do to improve.
My teacher helps to explain the school Mission, and Vision
I understand the schools core values.
I want more assemblies
I would like more sports
I would like more trips outside school.
Do you have any suggestions or other subjects to add to the timetable.
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