Chapter President Application
As a chapter president you will start a chapter in your area, either as an individual or as a group, and it can be tied to an institution or not. We hope to guide everyone to start a school club in the end. Through the chapter, you will be working on the projects organized through our central organization in your town. These community projects we are organizing will be related to world issues to give you opportunities to simplify the way you can make a change near you. We will have weekly meetings where you’ll attend to learn more about the weekly task which you’ll implement in your chapter. As a chapter president, you will be required to attend these meetings and lead your chapter.

Required skills:
- Leadership
- Stay up to date with all messages and attend meetings
- Hard-working and passionate activist
- Responds to all messages and inquiries
- Willing to go outside into their community to start projects

Required hours weekly: 2 - 3 hours

Community service hours provided: 50 - 100 hours per project (3/4 projects each year)
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Extremely important terms and conditions, please read!!: As a part of this organization, you will get amazing opportunities to set up projects in your area, but you will be required to work hard and constantly keep updated. Although this will be an awesome chance to physically make a change, you will need to put in effort and set up a team in your club, however we will be guiding you the entire time to establish a chapter so that it stays in the area you are. We expect you to work around 2 - 3 hours a week at least so that the goal is accomplished and we expect you to put what we are teaching you out into the real world- meaning when we are doing an initiative, we will constantly check up with you to make sure you are following the steps and setting it up in your area. This won’t be hard and we’ll be there to guide you the whole way, but we ask that you put in effort and not just use this as a chance to get some hours as making this work and making a change in the world does need effort. We will be selecting kids who constantly participate and show strength in being a chapter president by keeping in touch so make sure you do that. If you miss to our meetings to teach you how to set everything up consistently (these will be mainly every other week and sometimes every week if needed), then we’ll need to terminate the contract since participation is key. However, we have high hopes for you all as we could benefit from having talented and passionate youth while you could benefit with this opportunity (not to mention setting up projects like this in your area is great for a college application). By clicking yes, you are saying you have read this and understand what we expect. *
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