Sexual Harassment and Screenwriters: An opportunity to share your experiences anonymously
Words are powerful.

For too long, our experiences of bullying and sexual harassment have only been whispered in private places. Many of us are still not ready to go public for many reasons, including fear that telling what happened will destroy our careers.

But these experiences should not be lost. In collaboration with the Writers Guild of Canada, I would like to collect as many of them as I can. I invite you to anonymously recount your experiences of harassment and bullying while working as a writer.

One goal is to share the experiences in their entirety or excerpts so that we feel less alone.

Another is to create a book that. We could send the book out with a note that reads something like "Someone has requested that this book be sent to you. You may see yourself in these pages. It is time for you to re-evaluate how you behave."

Comments? Questions? Concerns?

Use the form below to submit your experiences.
- Please share experiences related to workplace sexual harassment and bullying -- but your workplace may include cafes, hotels, parties, sets, etc. -- any locale your career as a writer takes you.
- Use your own definition of sexual harassment and bullying; share what you think merits sharing.
- Only answer the questions you want to answer.
- If you have multiple experiences to share, you can submit them each separately or put them all in the same form. Your choice.
- Use as many or as few words as you want.

What happened? When? Where?
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What was your position/job title?
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What was role/job/position of the perpetrator?
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Did you report the incident to anyone?
If yes, who did you report to and what happened?
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What were the consequences for the harasser?
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What were the impacts of the incident on your career?
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What were the impacts of the incident on your mental health?
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Is there anything else you would like to add?
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