The Swing Unit

Virtual, 10min everyday in a week, $35/week (1 unit) or $125/month (4 units)

Sometimes we find that no matter how we practice, we can’t seem to get something right or improve. In learning how to improve on his own dancing, singing and playing jazz piano, trained teacher and international jazz educator, Sinclair Ang, who has over 20 years of experience, made a number of realisations based on his own progress over the years.

For each unit of this programme, you will embark on a daily guided practice regime to master one aspect of your solo dancing, which is usually applicable to your partner work, or one aspect of learning to understand music better to use as inspiration to dancing. The key thing is consistency of small moments practice over time on one aspect with the proper guidance so that you aren’t practicing ineffectively.


1. Identify one aspect of your dancing, examples (but not limited to):

A specific solo jazz step
Solo jazz combinations (from a routine or your own)
How to create a short dance phrase
Consistency and Application of Pulse (in basic rhythms or solo jazz steps)
Identifying the off beat/phrasing/type of song structure
How to play with rhythms
Ability to keep time dancing/identify the off beats/start of the phrases

2. Send a video (if applicable) of where you’re at regarding that aspect of dancing, so that an assessment and an individualised series of exercises/challenges can be developed.

3. Do the exercise(s) or challenge(s) designed for you at a dedicated time slot for 10-15min everyday and video the end of that practice session (30 sec - 1 min, depending on exercise/challenge) if possible.

4. Send the video and get feedback, and possibly get another challenge (or two) midweek to continue to develop on that aspect of your dancing/understanding of the music.

The unit ends exactly 7 (or 31) days after it begins, this is to keep you in check to practice daily.

The Swing Unit is perfect for the dancer who wants to get down to details and want to improve the quality of her or his dancing/understanding the music better for dancing, or for the dancer who is too busy to take studio classes or wants to practice in the comfort of the home, as well as the absolute beginner who wants to learn how to swing dance with individualised learning - all for about $4 (for a month) or $5 (for a week) per day!


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