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Peace and love family!

You ready to start or scale your nonprofit? 
I will be taking on 5 visionaries for FREE in honor of The ECO Foundation celebrating 5 years of service! We've been able to grow from a one man army to a team that moves with a purpose toward the liberation of Our People. 

Our organization has:
  • Paid over 300 people under 25 years old since 2018
  • Taught over 10K students since 2018
  • Fed over 12K families since 2020
  • Distributed over 350K pounds of resources to families since 2019
  • Wrote over $2 Million in one time & multiyear grants in less since 2021
  • Raised over $100K in 100 Days to purchase our 6 unit building that houses our community space and affordable housing units.
  • Made over $1.83M ($500K in earned revenue) since 2018
There will be a cost of collaboration at the end of this 60 day period. My goal is that you will recognize the value I have brought to your organization, and you will continue our partnership. 

If you are ready to make it shake please answer the questions below to the best of your ability, and I will be following up with folk on 3/1/2023.

If you have questions please reach out to me at 
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