Panel/Workshop Application KotoriCon 2018 - Theme is "Romantic Love"
Thank-you for your interest in running a Panel or Workshop at KotoriCon. Our performers, panelists, and workshop leaders are central to the con. A variety of panels and workshops are run at KotoriCon by both our Special Guests and contributed by fans. These can include informative talks, games, hands on workshops, comedy and more. If you are interested in running a Panel or Workshop at KotoriCon you must complete an application form.

Please Read This Before Applying

All Panels and workshops must be related to Japanese culture, including anime, music and manga, or to our current theme.

You must be 18 or over to run a panel or workshop.

Panels and workshops are limited to a MAXIMUM of 5 presenters. This means you cannot have the entire cast of characters from an anime or comic.

You may apply to run one or two panels/workshops, although usually we only accept one since it is a one day con.

In general we do not accept Q&A panels. No more than 15 minutes of a panel can be used for questions and answers. All panels require prepared content.

Please remember that KotoriCon is a family-friendly event and no 18+ material is tolerated. Panels displaying or discussing inappropriate material will be stopped.


Applications are reviewed and you will be notified if accepted or rejected by our review staff.

If your presentation is accepted by our review staff you will be notified on how to register for a complementary KotoriCon Ticket that will allow you to pick up a special Panelist/Workshop Leader Badge. You may get 2 free tickets for panelists. Both panelists must be actively presenting the panel. If you want more panel or workshop presenters, up to 3 additional panelists will need to purchase their passes. Get them early--- we always sell out!

No more than 5 people can run a panel because of limitations on our room sizes. All registered panelists must be active in presenting the panel or workshop. If you already purchased a ticket but are approved as a panelist you may request a refund from Eventbrite once your get your complementary panelist ticket.

Accepted Panelists must register for their tickets by December 1st. No tickets will be issued for panel or workshop leaders after December 1st. Any panels not registered by December 1st will be removed from the schedule and program.


Panels will be scheduled to start between 10 AM and 7:30 PM on Saturday January 6, 2018 depending on room availability. We are sorry but we cannot schedule panels dependent on other activities. We will also have the option to run a panel Friday evening if you prefer, or for those wanting to run more than one panel.

Some people would like to stream their panels/events at KotoriCon but it is not possible - streaming may interfere with panels and videos. We need to make sure these panels and anime go smoothly!

All rooms are classrooms and include a PC, internet connection, DVD player, and projector. No microphones are needed,

Please refer your friends to the website for the link to registration.

Please note that registering as a presenter means you will abide by the rules and regulations on our website and you agree that pictures/video taken of you at KotoriCon can be used for promotion.

Check out for updates and information!

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The application should be submitted by the person actually presenting the material and that person is responsible for the panel or workshop.

You may have up to 5 panelists... You may get 2 free tickets for presenters. (Up to 3 additional panelists will need to purchase their passes.) No more than 5 people can run a panel because of limitations on our room sizes. If a presenter already purchased a ticket but are approved as a panelist they may apply for a refund from Eventbrite once they get their panelist ticket.

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