If you would like to trial for one of the Junior Ball Hockey UK, GB teams that will be taking part in various ISBHF World Championships in 2024 then please complete the below form.

***If a player is under the age of 18, the below will need to be completed by Parent/Guardian***
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Players Name: *
Players DOB: *
Previous Hockey Experience: *
Please provide a brief history of all hockey experience.  This will greatly assist the coaching/management staff when the player is trailing.
Parent/Guardian Name: *
Parent/Guardian E-mail: *
Parent/Guardian Telephone Number: *
Team Trailing For: *
Ball Hockey UK club associated with: *
If you aren't registered to a club, please just put N/A.
Playing Position: *
Emergency Contact Name: *
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Terms and Conditions:

1.  By signing this document you acknowledge that your child named above is in a physical fitness that allows participation in sporting events.

2.  You have no outstanding convictions that could bring BHUK into disrepute or impact on the safety of other members.

3.  You acknowledge that participation in physical sports could result in an injury.

4.  You agree to all policies of BHUK, including the one that covers social media.
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