Reservation of Computer Labs for Weekend Courses
The Faculty of Social Sciences has three (03) computer labs.
Lab 01 (K3 001) - 150 Computers
Lab 02 (K4 301) - 60 Computers
Lab 03 (K3 201) - 25 Computers
This form is made for the purpose of providing efficient service to the departments of the Faculty of Social Sciences. This makes it easier to reserve computer labs. Each head of the department has been provided with a password for accessing the form, which can be accessed on the Reservation of Computer Lab page.

For Weekend Reservation:
The reservation of the computer center for the next month can be made from the previous month. (Ex: For the month of March reservations, You can reserve the labs from 1st of February)

I kindly request, at least one week before please reserve the computer lab to provide a good service.

**** This form is made only for weekend, exam and special reservations only ****

For more details, please contact me.

Chamara Kuruppuarachchi
ICT Labs, Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Kelaniya
Mobile: 0717896238
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