Bright Beginnings Parent Satisfaction Survey
To help us make our program the best it can be, please complete this short survey about your experience. Your responses will be kept private. Thank you!
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I feel comfortable talking with my parent educator.
My parent educator is genuinely interested in me and my child.
Activities in the visits strengthen my relationship with my child.
My parent educator encourages me to read books to my child.
My parent educator and I partner to set goals for my child, myself, and my family.
My parent educator helps me find useful resources in my community.
My parent educator gives me handouts that help me continue learning about parenting and child development.
This program motivates me to try new parenting strategies.
This program increases my understanding of my child's development.
This program helps me build relationships with other families.
I feel less stressed because of this program.
I am very satisfied with this program.
I would recommend this program to a friend.
What about this program has been most helpful to you and your family?
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What could be improved about this program?
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About how many total personal visits have you had?
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