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Your story can help inspire others to get involved! The Kansas Volunteer Commission (KVC) has created a database to collect stories that illustrate the impact of volunteerism in our state. Your story could encourage others to get involved, which in turn, benefits the needs of Kansas communities. Please consider sharing your story by completing the questions below and pressing the submit button on the bottom of the form, under the KVC logo.
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Please give us a few statements to introduce your program/the program you volunteered with. This section helps give context to the experience you will be describing. Please include what "type" of organization you are/volunteered with (ie: faith-based, mentoring, volunteer center, etc.). In addition, please give us the name of the project (if there is one) and the location where it took place.
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This is your time to shine! What highlights of the experience, including successes, do you want to share?
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How did/does the project/program impact volunteers and/or recipients? What need is the project/program addressing?
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As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Help enhance your story by also sharing digital photographs, maps, or other resources. Simply email the files to volunteer@ksde.org with the subject line, "Attachments-KVC Volunteer Story".
For digital photographs, please provide the additional information:
1. Name of person/people in photograph
2. Brief caption of what the image is showing
3. Date photograph was taken, if applicable
Do you plan to e-mail attachments to volunteer@ksde.org?
Permission to share on the KVC Website, social media and/or other print sources.
Thank You
Thank you for sharing your story. On behalf of the Kansas Volunteer Commission, thank you for everything that you are doing for your community. Please visit the KVC Website, www.kanserve.org to see what others are doing!!
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