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Please tell us a little bit about your language abilities below so we can be prepared for you. As you might have guessed, we will use a lot of English over the weekend. Never the less, we want to be as inclusive as possible for all language abilities. We will have someone there who can speak climbing conversational English, German, French, Spanish, and Czech.
Language abilities
Bits and bobs
GeoQuest Verlag has offered workshop participants 40% off the Labske Udoli guidebook (in Deutsch and Engish!) and the Kinderkopf und Affenfaust instructional book. If you'd like to order one or both, let us know in advance!
Guidebook: Labske Udoli
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Kinderkopf and Affenfaust
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Tell us a little bit about your history with climbing.
How long have you been climbing?
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Where do you do the majority of your climbing?
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Describe your climbing experience:
What grade do you feel very confident onsighting?
At what grade to you tend to onsight 50% of the time?
What are the biggest challenges you face related to climbing?
Which aspects of climbing appeal to you most?
I'm afraid of tomatoes, but only when they're raw. Ants sometimes incite fear in me, too. I'm afraid of being wheelchair-bound without a partner who loves me. I'm afraid of severe pain (ie injury).
Name three things you're afraid of:
Is there anything else you'd like to share with us at this time?
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