Project SkunkGal: Art Gallery content sync
I, Juniper Skunktaur, want to make an open-source tool that would let you sync your content and its metadata to and from sites like FurAffinity, DeviantArt, Weasyl, FurryLifeOnline, InkBunny and many others. It would also provide improved management of content compared to some sites, especially with tagging, automate uploading, automatically adding links to the same piece on different sites, and using the highest quality image file you wish to provide the tool. More info will be available at
Which of these gallery sites have you uploaded content to in the last 6 months? *
Which of these gallery sites would you like us to support first? *
Never heard of it
I don't need this
Would be nice
I NEED this!
Fur Affinity
Deviant Art
Furry Network
My own website (e.g. squarespace, wix, wordpress or other custom)
What types of content do you have in your various galleries? *
What ratings of content do you have in your gallery? *
Primarily, we're talking nudity, but if you have body horror, gore, depictions of violence, or other known controversial or offensive
How much would you pay for being able to sync your primary gallery to many supported third-party art galleries and vice versa? *
Prices in USD per month. For example, syncing your FurAffinity gallery to DeviantArt and vice versa would be 1 site.
1 site
2 sites
5 sites
All supported sites
How much would you pay for your extra features provided by this service? *
Prices in USD per month
Not Interested
Public Gallery
Personal Website
Views/Favs Analytics
We want to provide a free tier. Assume you are a free tier user: Which of the following Free tier restrictions would be acceptable to you?
We intend to open source the sync engine, but that's not the whole tool we want to build. We would not open source the web interface to manage the data pulled down from the different sites before re-uploading it to other sites. TICK what you agree with *
Using only the open source sync engine would mean you would manually configure the command line app the hard way, it would download from all configured sites and create a lot of image and text files, for you to manually edit lots of text files, then tell the engine to sync upwards. It would also force a referral link to the description of your uploaded items. We'd probably use an MIT licence, and probably write it in Node.js
Got any ideas, features, concerns or recommendations or funds and support for making this happen? Let us know!
If you would like to be notified about this project and how it's coming along, or otherwise be contacted about your answers, what are your CONTACT DETAILS?
Make it obvious what network and username you mean eg: "@someone on twitter", "someone#1234 on discord", "@someone on telegram" "", "someone on FA" - USE A URL IF POSSIBLE
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