Long Division 2019 Audience Survey
Long Division Festival is not possible without funding and sponsorship. Your feedback is the most important tool we have when trying to raise these funds, so thank you for filling out this survey
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Have you been to Long Division before?
What days did you attend?
How would you rate the quality of Long Division Festival 2019?
How would you rate the value for money of Long Division Festival 2019?
How would you rate the overall experience of Long Division Festival 2019?
Other than the purchase of any tickets and travel to the event, how much do you think you spent whilst at Long Division Festival (combining all days you attended) ?
Whilst at Long Division this year, did you go to at least one place or venue you had not been to before?
This year we tried to add lots of extra elements to the festival - what sticks out in your mind as having worked really well, or something you'd like to see more of?
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And what didn't work so well / could be dropped / needs improvement?
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Other than your experience at this or previous Long Division Festival's, what is your impression of Wakefield as a musical city?
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Any other feedback you would like to give
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