CiteIt Initial User Survey
Test Reading and Writing Contextual Citations
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What type of linking do you do in your writing?
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Do you think CiteIt should use yellow highlighted tooltip labels the first time/s the reader sees CiteIt citations so that they know that they have the option of expanding to see more context?
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When reading an article, do you often click links within an article?
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When reading an article, do you watch videos within an article?
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What media sources do you find trustworthy?
If a (news) media source used contextual citations to allow the reader to see more context, would that make you more likely to trust them?
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Besides trust, are there other things you might value about Contextual Citations, such as greater convenience, or engagement (interest in context/audio/video)?
Do you pay for media?  If so what sources?
If you were writing online, how much would you want to be able to quote the following types of media?  
(1=Low Value, 5= High Value)
scanned PDFs (like books and articles)
electronic PDFs (already digital)
Audio (podcasts, etc)
Video (non-YouTube)
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