Library Experience Survey (LES)
This questionnaire is designed to gather your opinion about YOUR EXPERIENCES ABOUT LIBRARY SERVICES AND RESOURCES. THE ITEMS RELATE TO ALL YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH USING THE CON-J LIBRARY. Feedback from students and staff is very important in trying to improve the quality of the library.

This is a confidential survey

Your status
On average, how often do you visit the library?
Excellent means the statement is always / most of the time true or what is required has been performed perfectly.

Good means the statement is often true and what is required has been performed to an acceptable standard.

Fair means the statement is true about half the time and what is required, has been performed moderately.

Poor means the statement is seldom true or what is required has been performed poorly.

Extremely poor means the statement is never observed/almost never true or what is required has not been performed

Not applicable means the statement doesn’t apply so you cannot judge in any way.

Borrowing materials collection (books, DVDs, music, etc.).
Reference (research assistance from librarians).
Computers and printers
Help using computers, printers, etc.
Internet access
Online services (website, catalogue, research databases, etc.)
Library policies (clarity of rules and regulations).
Hours of operation
Photocopying and binding services
Physical environment (noise, temperature, light, etc.)
Library brochure/user manual
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