2019 Energy Innovator Award Nominations
Do you know a Young Person, Individual, Business or Organization who deserves special recognition for energy innovation? Use this form to nominate them for ReThink Energy Florida's 2019 Energy Innovator Award!
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How does this individual engage in the community to promote sustainability and energy issues (For example: leading in community organizations, promoting sustainability, etc.)? Limit to 700 characters.
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How does this individual educate others on sustainability and energy issues (For example: teaching others about sustainability and energy issues, working with children or adults, etc.)? Limit to 700 characters.
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How does this individual empower others on sustainability and energy issues (For example: moving others to action, inspiring people to make changes in their personal lives and community, bringing others to rallies and letter writing parties, etc.)? Limit to 700 characters.
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Please list how this individual is innovative that indicates why this nominee should be awarded the Energy Innovator Award (For example: creating alternatives forms of harnessing energy, using the imagination to educate others, being creative in engaging and empowering the community, etc.). Limit 700 characters
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Environmental Justice Impact
Recently, ReThink Energy Florida added the concept of Equity and Environmental Justice to our Organization Values - something that we've been working to recognize and practice for a few years. Please use this space to list the ways in which your nominee has a positive impact on equity and environmental justice?
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Please address any questions or further information about ReThink Energy Florida's Energy Innovator Awards to awards@rethinkenergyflorida.org
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