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We want you for St. Edmunds 2017 May Ball team! Join the crew and help making this journey a great adventure. Our volunteers will work one half of the ball and enjoy the other half for free.

To apply, simply read through the information below and fill out the form. Promising candidates will be invited to an interview in the second stage of the process.

UPDATE: Applications for the first shift are now closed! We still strongly encourage applications for the second shift.

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Bar Steward

You are an integral part of the bar team. You will spend your shift mixing cocktails, drawing beer and delivering drinks to grateful guests. This is a very challenging and stressful role, so we are locking for resilient applicants, preferably with prior experience in working behind a bar.

Security Steward

It is your mission to make the May Ball safe. This includes supervising the venues, ticketing and wristband checking at the gates and, if necessary, keeping things under control in case of emergency. This role comes with high responsibility; we are looking for reliable and self-confident applicants.

General worker

You are part of the rapid reaction force. As a general worker, you will ensure a smooth event by maintaining the site and helping out wherever necessary. This is a very diverse role, which requires quick adaption to changing tasks all over the place. We are looking for flexible all-rounders.

Entertainment Assistant

Our entertainers rely on you! You enable our artists to delight their audience by preparing the stage, directing them there and helping them to set up their instruments and equipment. Good timing is key, so we are locking for well organised applicants, especially for those with experience in stage work. A minimum of technical knowledge is required.

1st Role Preference
2nd Role Preference
The night of the ball is split in two shifts:

(Shift I: 18:30 – 1:00) APPLICATIONS CLOSED
Shift II: 12:30 – 6:00

Work either one and enjoy the rest of the ball for free!

Note that you will be asked to write a cheque deposit for the full price of the ticket, which would only be cashed in the event of a no-show without proper notification or if the volunteer is not sober enough to perform their duties, as per the standards of all May Ball employees and volunteers.

Preferred Shift
Will you stay for the other half ?
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