Application for joining the non-profit organisation APT GameGenerator
Member rights and responsibilities.

Member rights:
- your name in the member list on the APT GG home page (optional)
- participation in various events at a discounted price or free
- discounted transport to various events
- development and marketing support for your game project by APT GG

Member responsiblites:
-be nice
-help out eachother
-pay yearly membership fees

Membership fees:
- in the first year at least 20€
- for the consecutive years at least 10€
- members who help to organise at least two events in one year, may opt out from paying the membership fee.
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I have read and understood the rules of APT GameGenerator at, I agree to follow the rules as a member of ATG GameGenerator including membership payments at due date. We will contact you after reviewing your application. *
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