NICET Quiz 20
Have you ever heard the story about the little engine that could? -- Major Pain
What does DARS stand for? *
20 points
Where would you find the definition for DARS? *
20 points
Choose the correct chapter that corresponds with the title. (If using a phone or tablet, swipe left to see all 5 chapter choices.) *
20 points
Chapter 3
Chapter 12
Chapter 21
Chapter 24
Chapter 26
Supervising Station Alarm Systems
Emergency Control Function Interfaces
Emergency Communication Systems (ECS)
Circuits and Pathways
Pathway Survivability Level 2 title will be found in which chapter? *
20 points
The system owner or the owner's designated representative shall be notified when a system or part thereof is impaired. This sentence is found in which chapter? *
20 points
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