The Youth Congress(TYC) in partnership with Kenya Community Development Foundation(KCDF) are implementing a project- on youth and women business for livelihood whereas the main purpose is to enhance livelihood for economic development to household affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. It targets youth and women initiative in Mathare and Korogocho informal settlement.

Important Notes:

o The support is for youth and women initiatives or enterprises (age range 15- 35years).
o The maximum support budget KES. 50,000 (Fifty Thousand Shillings Only).
o The support is in purchase for items/equipment for business NOT cash/cheque.
o The successful (approved for support) organisation will be expected to contribute 20% of the project support payable to The Youth Congress.
o The support is a grant for the organisation or enterprise.

Application Deadline : Saturday 11th September 2021
Shortlisted/selected organisation will be communicated to by or before 25th September 2021.

For any inquiry or information you can reach The Youth Congress through; and Website:

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The Youth Congress Entrepreneurship Support
Youth organisation in Mathare and korogocho informal settlement.
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