Haiti Earthship Registration Form
Thank you for joining the Earthship Haiti adventure in January 2021. Please complete the below information as accurately as possible. By completing and submitting this form, you are officially reserving a spot to participate in this project. Your participation will become official once we receive payment from you and we will issue you with a receipt. Thank you!

We will be assisting you as best as we can but please remember this is an adventure, expect the unexpected and come prepared. Thank you!

The project will start on January 04 at 9AM and we will be done January 29 at 5PM. Please plan to arrive and depart accordingly.

The project is located in La Gonave, Haiti.
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Full repatriation cover mandatory
Occupation or special skills
We like to encourage knowledge transfer among volunteers as well as the local community. If you have any special knowledge or skills (first aid certification etc) that you think would be of help please let us know. Thanks! :)
What languages do you speak?
What does cultural awareness mean to you?
Describe what “sustainability” means to you.
Are you able to step out your typical comfort zone and handle extreme situation? Have you ever camped and lived with a large group?
Are you prepared to be self reliant for one month (including providing for your own dietary needs for one month)?
Describe why you are interested in Earthships and what inspired you to apply for the International Earthship Academy?
What existing skills or interests do you possess that you hope to apply to your Academy experience?
Is there any other information that we should be aware of?
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