IxESN Membership form 2017-2018
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Welcome to the IxESN Wageningen Membership form of 2017-2018. Great that you are interested in becoming a member of IxESN Wageningen! Please fill in this form below to complete your membership. You can pick up your ESN Card at the Office.

We hope to see you soon at one of our activities!

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Only relevant if you stay longer than 8 months.
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If you like to help organise events, being in a committee is a great way to meet new people and be more involved in IxESN! Next to this, it is a perfect opportunity to develop yourself on a personal and professional level!
Would you be interested in organizing an international kitchen with other students from your country? *
About 3 times a period, IxESN organises kitchens whereby a group of students from the same country represent their country and cuisine to other international students
Terms and conditions *
1. During all activities and excursions that are organized by IxESN Wageningen, participants are responsible for their own actions. 2. In case of excursions, IxESN Wageningen only organizes the transport to and from the certain destination. After arrival, IxESN Wageningen is not responsible for the participant. This means that the participant is responsible for his/her own actions during the stay at the destination. The participant is responsible to be present at the given time and location of departure. IxESN Wageningen is not responsible for participants arriving late, in which case the bus will leave. 3. IxESN Wageningen is not responsible for any loss or theft of personal belongings. 4. IxESN Wageningen is not responsible for people who consume too much alcohol. 5. The participant is responsible to have a valid insurance. 6. IxESN Wageningen is not responsible for any membership withdraw and does not refund the membership fee of €7.50. 7. In case of a lost valid membershipcard, a new membershipcard can be purchased for €1.- at the office of IxESN Wageningen.
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