Narragansett Youth Track Series Registration
You will still need to arrive early enough to check in and get your athlete(s) their number. Check in is from 5:15-6. Please fill out each question on this form accurately. You will need to fill out a separate form for each athlete. This event is free but we would appreciate any donation you are able to give directly or through your support of our silent auction and raffle.
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RELEASE OF LIABILITY: This event is sanctioned by USA Track & Field. As the legal guardian of the athlete, in consideration of this entry, I do herby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators waive and release forever any and all rights and claims or damages I or the athlete I am the legal guardian of may accrue against the directors, officers and members of the Narragansett Running Association, all volunteers, Summer Youth Track Series sponsors, the Narragansett School Department and the Town of Narragansett for the series. This includes damages incurred at the event, as well as transport to and from the event. As the legal guardian I understand I am required to supervise the athlete for which I am responsible for at all times during the series. I understand the athlete is physically fit to complete the events the athlete has entered, and that this has been verified by a licensed medical doctor within the past year. I understand attempting to enter the Narragansett High School building is strictly prohibited during the entire series. *
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This portion of the Release relates to photographs to be taken during the Summer YouthTrack Series. George Ross Photography (GRP) volunteers, on behalf of the NRA, to take photographs of the children competing in the NRA’s Summer Youth Series. These photographs will be uploaded to GRP’s Facebook page/Website as a means to make them available to all parents. In compliance with COPPA regulations,, any child under age 13 must have parental consent for the collection, use, or disclosure of that child’s personal information by GRP (Under COPPA’s terms and conditions photographs are considered personal information). In consideration of the opportunity to have my child photographed, I hereby state and agree to that I consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of my child's photographs. *
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