Future Ready Learners
This survey is the first of a series of activities aimed at developing a framework for identifying, developing, collecting evidence of and evaluating key attributes of future ready learners. We would like your ideas, comments and advice to define and refine the attributes.

The top level of the framework, which we have found across many projects around the world, includes COLLABORATION, CREATIVITY, PERSONAL LEARNING, PROBLEM SOLVING and GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY (includes recognising and valuing the culture and needs of others). See the indicators for each of these to see what is included. As you think about preparing students for full participation in the global society, are there any missing key aspects? Do you now of any literature or research that supports adding those aspects?

We understand that learner attributes will manifest in many different ways depending upon content and level of development. For example they may have cognitive, behavioural and emotional components that will vary from the youngest to the eldest learners. We appreciate and can use any comment about the developmental aspect now, but what we are really looking for is the top level ideas and the key indicators - particularly if you think we have missed an important attribute that all people should acquire or develop regardless of age. An important comment we are seeking at the end of the survey in the 'Feedback and Comments' is whether this seems like the right stuff and enough of the right stuff. Have we missed anything?

We will invite you to later activities to refine details of the indicators within broad developmental bands:

K-6 Indicators
7-10 Indicators
11-12 Indicators
University Graduate & Employability Indicators

We plan to publish reports that aggregate the findings of this process and we will acknowledge all contributors who participate in all phases of the work. Later phases will include collaborative engagement and shared discussion.

The project is being developed by the Learning Futures Network. If you have any questions you can contact Kim Flintoff - k.flintoff@curtin.edu.au

**This survey will take between 15 minutes and an hour depending upon the depth of your responses.

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