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This is for people who are applying for a staff position at Reventium, for higher ranks such as Head-Mod+ there may be a follow-up interview on Discord.
Helper: In charge of helping keep the community engaged and interested in the server.
Builder: In charge of building spawns, maps, etc. Big and essential role.
Moderator: In charge of managing the community, has power to kick people from the server. (Not Staff).
Head Moderator: Basically, a Moderator, with a few additional permissions.
Developer: In charge of building our website, and coding new plugins for the server, big job, lots of positions.
Admin: In charge of managing the entire server, big role, little positions available. Has power to kick and ban people from the server (Even staff with good reasoning.).
Forum & Discord Moderator (these are seperate ranks, for discord, or the Forums): You are in charge of moderating Discord, or the Website.
*Notice: Application format subject to change over time, you may be contacted to edit or expand your answers by an admin.
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