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Thank you for your interest in joining this grassroots, Global Underwater Explorers aquatic conservation initiative. Project Baseline is made possible through the ongoing commitment of our driven volunteers around the world, program sponsors and donors. By contributing to Project Baseline, you are joining a global team of concerned and invested citizens who share underwater observations, often hidden and out of sight, with divers and non-divers alike. Without the dedication, support and involvement of hundreds of Project Baseline volunteers, we would not be able to work towards the fulfillment of our mission. Please complete this online application. Once submitted, the Program manager will review your application and reply to your request within 1 - 2 weeks. Please contact the Communications Director with any questions during the application process. Please go to our contact page to get an e-mail. Note: by completing this application, you are expressing your intent to participate in Project Baseline. No information provided here will be automatically uploaded to the internet or to the Project Baseline database.
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This is generally a short, one to three word title that indicates the general geographic extent your team wishes to monitor and can appeal to both divers and non-divers alike. You are not bound to this Project name as it may be subject to change before your Project is accepted.
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Due to the international nature of Project Baseline, email is our most common form of communication.
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Project Structure
For more information about the Project, Site, and Station structure of a typical Project Baseline Project, please visit this resource:
Project Structure Overview
Project, Site, Station Overview (note: Lat/Lon coordinates are required for Stations only.)
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Many teams begin Projects because they are interested the long-term documentation of an aquatic area that is frequented on a regular basis for training, exploration or recreational purposes. Some Projects are born from a desire to explore and document real and/or perceived change in environmental conditions that have been observed by divers over a period of time. Please describe your fundamental motivation for initiating a new Project. (Examples of Project descriptions are available on most Project webpages under this menu option:
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List one or more Sites your team intends to monitor. A Project must have one Site assigned. Please list by common name. Geographic coordinates (lat/lon) are not required for Sites.
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Stations are the exact locations within a Project area where underwater observations are collected. Each Site must have at least one Station assigned. Please provide the names of each Station, the Site that each Station belongs to and the geographic coordinates (lat/lon) of each proposed Station. These Stations may be subject to change as your Project undergoes initiation.
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Local Environmental Contacts
Project Baseline encourages all teams to engage with their communities to foster public awareness of local, underwater environmental conditions. Please identify and list three aquatic environmental management entities or organizations (academic, governmental, non-governmental) that will benefit from your work associated with Project Baseline.
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Membership Notice *
Project Baseline is the conservation initiative of Global Underwater Explorers and relies heavily on donations and membership dues to continue our work. We appreciate our volunteer's membership support. To learn more about becoming a GUE member, please visit this link:
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If yes, please indicate the name of your group and website, or social media URL if applicable.
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More Project information
Still have a few minutes and want to learn more about how to establish a Project in your community? Visit this page - - to look over our resources. Available as PDFs for download.
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