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Poke is a warm and welcoming environment where people come to heal in a community setting. We are looking for volunteers who are friendly, thoughtful, reliable, and who value being part of a community.  

Please fill out the following information, and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch!
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We’re looking for a 6 month commitment of one 3 or 4 hr shift per week. Can you do it? *
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Poke is a member of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA). POCA developed the model for community acupuncture and continues to support the growth and development of clinics and practitioners across North America. Membership is offered on a sliding scale starting at $25 USD and includes a number of benefits including a free birthday treatment. If you are not currently a member, would you be willing to become one? *
Thank you for your application. Thank you for thinking of us.
We look forward to reviewing your application. Please be aware that we aren’t able to promise a position to everyone who applies. We consistently do our best to find a “good fit” between person and position, so that the volunteer has a positive experience here.
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