Embrace of the Dakini - online initiation
This is an official application form for the program!

Please fill in the following if you are serious about joining.
All answers are confidential and will only be viewed by myself - to help me offer practices and tools for YOU.

Additionally I may ask to have a short call with you.

Although the teaching will happen online - this program is embodied, practical
and personalized to your situation. You are holding yourself accountable for doing the work!!!

And the more intention and commitment you put in, the more you will get out of it.

The time frame and commitment looks like:
8 weeks (+ preparatory time in our container).
There will be

* 1on1 calls with me
* recommended readings, videos, documentaries
* recommended journaling/integrating time,
* meditation and embodiment practices and tools for working with others
& mini-lectures on individual topics to unpack our disconnection from both Eros and Spirit and Body and the rekindling of those threads -

The Modules are
1. Embodied Awareness - the 6 dimensional bodies - working with sensitivity, unpacking numbness
2. Shadow Work - Existential Kink - working with our aversions/unpacking attachments
3. Relational Dynamics - communication, boundaries, client and personal relations - unpacking worthiness
4. Eros as Life Force - addressing 'slut-stigma', revitalizing our erotic being - unpacking shame
5. Embrace of the Dakini - Eros as Service in the world - working with the wisdom Dakinis, unpacking selflessness/void
6. Dakinis in the world - business and session structures, money relationship - unpacking client types
7. Men's Work for women, working through the most impactful, 'damaging' male archetypes, unpacking projection/outsourcing to the masculine
8. Special Skills - Learning to develop your own unique form of expression and channel of the Dakini - unpacking fear of expression/expansion

Modules May change order and will be taught in the order that feels most natural to the course.

If you want to work with people 1-on-1 using the methods of this course - my suggestion is you recruit a willing partner/friend you feel comfortable with in exploring this realm to do practice sessions with - who may feedback you and also go on their own mini-journey.

If you want to channel this work into art or activism or other outpour into the world - I suggest you make a plan (ie decide what day of the week you will spend time on it).

Dedicated time for this expression/offering that serves the collective will also help you integrate the wisdom.

Before all that begins, I will suggest some readings and some preparation work.

Notice that some of these questions are very intimate - NO ONE ELSE BUT ME will read them - and I will delete the submissions afterwards. If you absolutely choose not to reply in text, I suggest you do private journaling instead and write a short answer here as feels comfortable and discuss with me on call.

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Your birthdetails (date, time and place)
Can you state 3 things you wish to learn about the Dakini ? *
I'd love you to form your own relationship to her...
What is your previous background (if any) in archetypal work, tantric or erotic work, therapeutic and/or shadow work? *
Please share about any psychological/mental health related issues you may have (or previous had) or medications (including medicinal plants) you may be taking during the course. If you don't feel comfortable here, please discuss with me on our first call.
I'd like to do this mentorship... *
Where are you in your own journey of sexuality? [feel free to share anything and nothing - but please note that the course is built on tackling our collective wounds around being in our full erotic embodiment - so we will tackle any themes that relate to the erotic in personal or professional life]
[optional] Describe what associations come to you with the words 'sex work', 'sexual empowerment' and sexual abuse'?
[optional] Describe your previous knowledge and experience of the 'dakini' lineage, female priestess- energy and use of that in your own life:
Are you able to form a daily intentional practice of movement/meditation and some form of study or tuning in (10-40mins)? What would help you in keeping to a practice?
Your time zone and best days of availability for 1on1 calls? *
As for contribution for this course - I am making this as available as I can to all beings - with the option of payment plan/pay as you can as you choose (means $500 deposit and the rest by each 1on1 call): *
Are you willing to take SELF RESPONSIBILITY for showing up to your best ability for ALL calls, personal practices and doing the reading/homework? Do you accept that this course is to serve you in your self-initiation - the practices you are welcome to make your own, modify and share with others - the meditations and lectures are my intellectual property - so please respect the privacy of the material but feel free to discuss the insights with anyone you feel. Any process or activity or recording we do during our calls will remain our private content. *
Thank you for taking part and answering the questions!!
I will get in touch with you about our first batch of preparatory work!!
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