LSQ Volunteer Editor Application
About LSQ:
Luna Station Quarterly is a grassroots, independent magazine with an international readership, dedicated to publishing great genre fiction (sci-fi/fantasy, all that weird stuff that's fun to read, etc.) by emerging women-identified writers. We also have a blog that publishes essays, informative articles, book reviews and author interviews. We're currently in our 9th year of publication!

We support a positive, affirming atmosphere and encourage writers who are just starting out. We publish stories we love, no matter the author's level of experience.

Postion Description:
Our volunteer Assistant Editors read through the submitted stories, voting for the ones they consider the best. Once stories are chosen, everything gets a proofread before going off to production.

While a simple job description, this is the core of what makes LSQ run, its individual issues and the stories within are the foundation upon which the whole of LSQ is built.

• Great proofreading skills
• Solid organizational skills
• Maturity
• 3-5 hours a week of free time
• A love for short stories and genre fiction

The above are a must, but otherwise no experience is necessary. First time editors welcome.

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