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Are you currently or have you ever been involved with any community or charitable organizations such as parent networks, non-profits, religious groups, or any other civic organizations? Please provide the name of the organization, your role, and any other additional information about your experience. Please highlight if you held a position of leadership or were responsible for managing the budget.
What made you interested in joining the NENA board?
Are there any current NENA projects that you are interested in working on? Are there any new projects or events that you would like to organize?
On average, how many hours are you willing to devote to NENA per month?
What role should NENA have within the community?
What experience do you have with team building or working with people from diverse backgrounds and opinions?
What experience do you have in engaging with local government? Are there any specific local issues in which you have been recently engaged?
What skill or attribute would you like to share or expand upon that makes you an ideal candidate?
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