The Gacha Life- Designer's Application-April-THE CUTE Round
The Gacha Life brought to you by Evil Bunny Productions
6 times/yearly

The cute round-this should be easy! ANYTHING you deem as cute-BE CREATIVE!

OCTOBER 5th-31st 2017 COMPLETE
The Gacha Life-The Horror
The Gacha Life- The Luxury
FEB 5th-28th 2018
The Gacha Life- The Doll
APRIL 5th-30th
The Gacha Life- The Cute <<<<<<<<< this is the theme for April round
JUNE 5th-30th 2018
The Gacha Life- The Naughty
AUGUST 5th-30th 2018
The Gacha Life- The Glam


SPONSORS (10) $1200L/paid in advance and include:

-2 machines at the landing point- assigned
-1 free gift for group members only-photo required
-Able to purchase 2 more machine in the general area-you may include additional free gifts with these machines, but are not required. ALL machines must be new & exclusive designs.
-SPONSOR machines are pre-assigned closer to the landing point.
-Sponsors will be listed with the event poster.
-2O prims to decorate platform.
-Provide a full perm gacha key(s) to allie munro for advertising

REGULAR $399L/ machine/paid when accepted to event.
-Select 1 or 2 machines when you apply/machines will be set to $0L at the event for set-up once your items are ready.
-1 free gift for group members only-photo required
-ALL machines must be new & exclusive designs.
-You may have a free gift with both machines, but only required to have 1.
****MACHINES IN THE GENERAL area- first come basis for positioning HOWEVER, you must be 100% ready to set it up when you purchase it for 0L. DO NOT put up your store logo, or an old gacha to hold your place. When you come to buy gacha machines in the regular area, your product must be ready to go. If I see otherwise, I will return your machine, no refund***
-Provide a full perm gacha key(s) to allie munro for advertising


Each machine will have:
-a spot for the gacha ad
-a photo display for a set-up shot of your item(s)
-your store logo
-a gift container - gift containers for multiple machines can be purchased and then deleted, only 1 is required for the event.

Machines are required to have:
- a good quality ad showing every item available inside.
-between 8 and 30 items *****PLEASE NOTE THIS-MUST HAVE MIN OF 8
-MUST have at least 1 rare.
-If you want to do ultra rare, you may do so, but you will provide your own script.
****ALL machines must be new & exclusive designs.

Event will accept original mesh and well textured/designed templates. We want creativity, so if you use templates you need to add your personalized spin. No out of the box templates.

Gachas MUST be unique to this event. Not used before at another event, or in store. Not re-colored from another machine you are already using. Not to be used at the same time at the Dark Side 3 event. After the event concludes, you may decide what you do with your gacha item(s). ALL machines must be new & exclusive designs.

Gachas can include any category of item, as long as it somewhere fits into the theme of that round. Themes listed above. ITEMS MUST BE WITHIN THEME.

Demo and mesh body signs can be used with your machine-you will provide these.


You will receive an acceptance note card once accepted into the event. Everyone will be required to pay up front for their spots upon acceptance. Invoice NCs will be sent to you for payment for event. Payments must be paid for prior to Jan. 15th.

Set-up will run from the 1st through the 4th at midnight SLT.

Empty machines will be removed at 12 midnight SLT the 4th of each month. NO more machines will be allowed to be purchased after that time unless you make a special arrangement. Please do not ask for us to put another machine out after the cut-off deadline.

Once your gacha ads are complete, please send a copy full perm to
allie munro along with your full perm logo for advertising.

ALL fees are non-refundable. Fees due upon acceptance to event.

And one more time- ALL machines must be new & exclusive designs.

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SPONSOR designers-If you applied to sponsor only-if not chosen to sponsor, or sponsors are full, how many regular machines would you like to purchase for the event? IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SPONSOR, select N/A *
REGULAR designers-How many machines are you interested in purchasing- If applied to sponsor, select N/A *
If applying to sponsor, this would be in addition to the 2 sponsor machines ( so 0 or 1)
Have you read the above rules and understand that you can not purchase a machine until your items are ready to be set-up? ALL machines must be new & exclusive designs AND items must be in theme. *
This is for regular area machines/ sponsor machines will be assigned.
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