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This is a sign-up form for mentoring sessions arranged by Purple Connect, specifically catering to people from marginalized communities to assist them in their academic, professional, and personal journeys.
Academic Mentorship: We will try to match you with a senior mentor whose expertise matches your subject of interest. Please sign up for this if you need help figuring out applications, entrance tests, assignments, research work, or just guidance about future prospects in your field.

Professional Mentorship: We will try to match you with someone who is working in the professional areas you are interested in. This can be utilized to get guidance about professional prospects in the field, requirements, and general guidance about acquiring and enhancing professional skills.

Other Mentorship: Managing personal finances, improving language skills, and other personal skills

Please Note: The mentoring program is only meant for folks from oppressed caste across religion and region, including Dalit, Bahujan, Adivasi, and Pasmanda folks. Please only apply for mentorship if you belong to any of these communities.
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