KSEC Alumni Survey
Hello KSEC Alum!

Thank you so much for filling out this survey! You'll only need 3 to 10 minutes to complete it.

The first section is a series of questions that will help us understand the impact KSEC made on you. Responses to this section will be used for grant writing, promotion, and recruitment. Your identity will not be tied to this data and will remain publicly anonymous. We will not compile data or anecdotes from your responses without your consent. Please check the box below to indicate consent.

The second section will help us plug you into our soon-to-launch KSEC Alumni Network. The Alumni Network will serve as a resource to connect you with other alum, current KSEC members, and will keep you updated with KSEC happenings.

If you have any questions, please email Allison Crawford at allisoncrawford221b@gmail.com

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