OER/No/Low Cost Course Marking Form – Fall 2024 (Including Mini-mesters I &II) Courses
Please complete this form for your Fall 2024 (including Mini-mesters I & II) course sections and the resources that students must purchase to be academically successful in your course. Please complete by September 2nd for your full semester and Mini-mester I sections and by October 27th for your Mini-mester II sections.  Please only include your Fall 2024 semester sections.

Information will be used to code sections LCM (Low Cost Course Materials/ Text) or NCM (No Cost Course Materials/Text) in Banner. Course markings aid in transparency and enable students to make informed financial decisions when planning their schedules.
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Faculty Name Teaching the Section *
Course Section *
e.g. ENG-123-001 Please include the section number.
Course Reference Number (CRN) *
Please include the CRN as this is the best way to identify your course within the system. The official Fall Course Schedule will be available to view on April 3rd and will include CRNs. 

If you do not know your section CRN numbers, please select "Schedule of All Classes" under "My Advising/ Faculty Tools" on your MyMCC.  You can then search by term and instructor which will bring up your CRN numbers.  These are the 5 digit numbers posted next to your course. 

If you are unable to locate your CRN number, please contact Chris Parcella at 781-280-3605.

To help with accuracy, please only submit this form once you have officially been assigned to the course.

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Please choose the best option that represents the cost for students to obtain resources for this course section. The information will be used to code sections in Banner.
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