Queer Healing ARTS Center: Workshop, Exhibit, Event + Group Proposal Form
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THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST in building a healthy commUNITY together!


The Queer Healing ARTS Center is excited to offer creative arts programs and wellness support circles to community members of all ages by partnering with creative arts instructors, healers, and artists.

If you are interested in teaching a workshop, curating an exhibit, leading an art panel, offering an art presentation or forming a healing arts group, etc. submit this Queer Healing ARTS Center: Workshop, Exhibit + Group Proposal Form. We refer to all as Programs/Projects. Be certain to submit your proposal at least (2) weeks in advance of your hoped-for start date. After submitting your form, you will be contacted to expand on the feasibility of your proposal and discuss the best income stream options (participant fees, sponsors, funders, grants, etc.) that are equitable for you and the QHAC in financial support of both parties. No proposal is guaranteed to be chosen upon submission of this form. Feel free to contact Kin Folkz at 510-239-7197 with your inquiries.

IMPORTANT: All accepted applicants are given valuable tools in The Queer Healing ARTS Center Program Director Training Session before they begin any workshop, group, or offering at the center.

Queer Healing ARTS Center works with artists/healers to:
• review the community agreement (to be signed before one can begin);
• schedule and coordinate the offering;
• publicize and market these activities through varied media resources;
• register + collect fees from participants for workshops, events, or groups;
• assign the room or online space in which the activity will take place;
• confirm which furnishings or equipment are available; and
• make sure the building (or ZOOM ROOM) is open and properly staffed for these scheduled activities.

Most of our creative arts workshops and healing arts opportunities are offered within the framework of either an 18-week semester or a 10-week quarter system. You may specify whether you are interested in offering your project during a particular semester or quarter:

• Semester One: the 3rd week in August to the 3rd week in December
• Semester Two: the 3rd week in January to the 3rd week in May.

• Fall Arts Education Series (from September to November)
• Winter Arts Education Series (from December to February)
• Spring Arts Education Series (from March to May)
• Summer Arts Education Series (from June to August)

You may propose a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, weekly, or one-time workshop. The frequency for both online and physical space will be dependent upon scheduled time availability in the Queer Healing ARTS Center calendar and community need.

Some of our workshops result in a culminating event (i.e., performance, exhibit, etc.) - while others view the process as the event itself (i.e., an art class, a movement arts class, an acupressure class, etc.). Regardless, you and your participants will be asked to fill out a short pre-assessment and post-assessment to further support the program's sustainability.

Workshop Materials and Supplies
• Instructors shall provide a materials list to all workshop registrants.
These should be low-cost materials that are easily identified and easily obtained in the local area (or online). The Queer Healing ARTS Center is not responsible for providing said materials. That being said, the Queer Arts Center has our in-house grant writing and development team that could work with you to identify potential funding + in-kind resources.

The Queer Healing ARTS Center is an ADA accessible, semi-SOBER (SOBER for most events; non-sober for private functions) + minimal fragrance space. The center formulates, directs, and sustains a comprehensive effort to champion human potential and fair treatment for all persons based on the philosophy of fairness, justice, and equity. Without regard to race, color, sex, religion, ability, socioeconomic situation, national origin, or gender identity - we seek to provide an environment free of unlawful discrimination and offensive behavior.

LINK to THIS FORM: http://bit.ly/QueerArtsCenterProposalForm
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SHORT BIO: What are the skills you have attained in order to offer this workshop or group? And, where did you attain them. *
Tell us about your offering. What resources or skills are you sharing and who are you offering them to? Describe your offering in 75 or more words. *
What is the participant capacity for your workshop/exhibit/group?
Will this be a sober program, series, workshop, exhibit? We do allow events where alcohol is served - pending review of the event and procurement of a one-day alcohol license. *
Tell us about the type of space (indoor, outdoor, etc.), seating type, table, podium, etc. and in what arrangement would be best for your offered workshop/ performance/event/group? *
What A/V and other technical equipment is required?
Tell us why you are offering this workshop/exhibit/group. *
If you have a curriculum, handouts, references and testimonials from others who have taken your workshop or participated in your group - please share a link to these documents here or email them to ourKinFolkz@gmail.com and write "Support Documents" in the email subject box. *
What is your hoped for start date for your workshop/exhibit/group? *
What is your hoped-for frequency of your workshop or group? Monthly, one-time, quarterly, etc. FOR ANYONE PROPOSING recurring sessions (monthly, weekly, quarterly) ---> NOTE: In some instances, we might proffer to enact a one-time trial run of all accepted proposals and then expand only after a review of the first session. *
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