High School Sustainability Leadership Cohort 2018 Application
By applying, you are showing interest in becoming a part of a program that represents an investment in your community and your future. This program serves as a stepping stone for you to discover Science, Technology, Engineering, and Technology careers and interact with people and professionals of all ages who walk this path. The SLC is an interactive, hands-on experience that focuses on your own personal learning, leadership, critical thinking skills, and communication.

You will go on multiple field trips, design your own action-research film project, and explore the outdoors through gardening, hiking, attending culture camp and more. The purpose of this program is to empower and further inspire you to become involved in sustainability fields and engage the next generation of community leaders. This is all done while building skills and relationships that will help you succeed in the future, making new friends, and creating memories that will last a lifetime! Review the information below about the Cohort and complete the application materials.

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For Students in grades 9-12
Application Deadline: Monday, February 16, 2017 by 4:00 p.m.
For additional information contact:
Cherie Thunder, Sustainability Leadership Cohort Program Coordinator at: cthunder@menominee.edu or
(715)799-6226 ext. 3243.
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1. Menominee Agricultural Practices and Archaeology Internship (10 spots available) $1,500 Stipend, Commitment period: March 2018-Nov. 2018
Explore and participate in research of ancient Menominee cultural sites, such as early settlements and raised bed gardens. The Menominee were once great farmers/gardeners with the knowledge and experience that was required to sustain a people throughout even the harshest of times. That knowledge still remains and is waiting to be reclaimed. What will you do to help?
2. Indigenous Knowledge, Culture, Language and College and Career Prep (20 spots available) $1,000 Stipend, Commitment period: March 2018-Dec. 2018
Now more than ever the world is looking to indigenous peoples to help solve some of the most pressing issues. Learn how traditional knowledges carried from generation to generation has the power to impact the world in a positive and transformative way. Explore leadership values, language and culture, and higher education to prepare yourself to help ensure the sustainability of our communities.
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