Rainforest Alberta Scorecard
In 2016 Rainforest Alberta was borne from the question: How can we measure our province’s innovation ecosystem?
In tandem with Rainforest Strategies LLP, the scorecard results have been reviewed in conjunction with summits where we assessed Alberta’s innovation ecosystem with the Rainforest Scorecard.

The Rainforest Scorecard is a strategy for building and nurturing innovative ecosystem culture. Applied to function as a framework for measuring and building culture at scale, the scorecard speaks to the potential for innovation in an ecosystem. As a framework, the scorecard works to foster the growth of new enterprises and job creation while enhancing economic competitiveness. We believe that a highly innovative, efficient, and trusting culture is the single most critical challenge in achieving these goals.

The scorecard measurement, meant to bring awareness and understanding of ecosystem issues, serves as a means to create and have ongoing dialogue around a shared cultural narrative of innovation. The scorecard is a snapshot of the ecosystem in time, describing its strengths, weaknesses, and general conditions. The outcome of the scorecard number is to drive behaviours and models of thinking which are shared ecosystem wide. An honest examination of the ecosystem’s assets will work to identify opportunities to improve the culture of innovation.

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