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By filling this form you are requesting a quote for the service which is offered in 2 levels
1) BASIC - CURRENT WATER CONSERVATION SCORECARD: This involves collecting data on various elements making the water system (water supply, sewage and rainfall management), data collection about indoor water usage pattern from a sample of households, collection of data on outdoor water use & data analysis to provide current Water Conservation Score Card for your building that helps in mapping the gaps to be addressed.
2) INTERMEDIATE - WATER CONSERVATION ACTION PLAN & COSTING: An action plan of integrated solutions customised to your Apartment Building that will improve the state of water security & conservation scorecard with costing, water savings expected and estimated payback period, clearly indicating the basis of every solution suggested and included in the action plan
3) ADVANCED - IMPLEMENTATION OF WATER CONSERVATION SOLUTIONS : Undertaking end to end implementation OR providing project management support for Implementation of solutions
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Please Select the H2O Transformer Service Plan(s): H2O Transformer provides two different Service Plans. Each plan is serviced subsequent to previous. Hence Basic Plan is the minimum and first plan to sign up to. You may also sign up for the subsequent plan. Please tick against the Service Plan(s) to sign up your Apartment building. *
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