Steve McCabe MP: What do you think about the Government's plan to change the planning system?
The Government is consulting on major changes to the planning system. Use this form to tell Steve McCabe MP your views on their Planning for the Future white paper
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Were you aware of the Government's plans to overhaul the planning system?
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How do you think we can improve the planning process? (Tick as many as apply)
Do you typically respond to Planning Applications in your local area?
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How do you typically find out about Planning Applications?
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Do you support the Government's proposals to remove physical application notices outside the relevant property/location?
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The government proposes to cut the consultation period for planning applications in half from 16 weeks to 8. Do you think the planning application process should be...
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If you are concerned about proposals to shorten the planning process, what are you main concerns? (Tick as many that apply)
When making comments on a planning application which of the following do you mention? (Tick as many as apply)
Please rank these sustainability measures from most important to least important *
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Somewhat important
Somewhat unimportant
Least Important
Energy Efficiency
Creating green space
Discouraging car use
Protecting wildlife
Do you think more power over local developments should be shifted to national Government instead of Local Authorities?
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Are you concerned that the proposals to remove Section 106 agreements will lead to less affordable housing being built?
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Do you support extending Permitted Development to allow developers to build up to 2 storey's on flats or detached dwelling homes without public consultation?
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Do you support extending Permitted Development rights to allow developers to build housing on vacant sites without public consultation?
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Please use this space to add your views about the government’s proposals
Have you had a difficult experience with the planning system, either as an applicant or a neighbour to a proposed application? Use this space to tell me about your experience
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